About Us

Who are we?

Earl Brydson, Chairman Cary Nilson, Vice Chairman Janis Clark, Treasurer Penny Grellier, Secretary
Athena Brewer Tony Caldwell Eric Paulsen Suzanne Skaar

What are we?

In September 1992, the City Council passed legislation designating eight Neighborhood Councils whose boundaries correspond to the City's traditional planning areas. Each Neighborhood Council serves as an independent, non-profit citizen-based efforts for neighborhood improvement.

Why get involved in a neighborhood council? For Tacoma to become a more livable, safer, and united city, a broad and diverse cross section of citizens must join together to develop projects and implement positive changes in their neighborhood.

The SouthEnd Neighborhood Council (SENCo) is an independent non-profit (501-C-3) corporation formed to address issues and concern at the neighborhood level and to work cooperatively with neighborhood groups for the attainment of neighborhood goals. The SENCo seeks to encourage the participation of all citizens in the govermental process and to maximize thier use of resources through the concepts of self-help, group organization and utilization of available services and funding sources. SENCo believes that the quality of life within our neighborhoods is of common interests, our goals of social and economic justice, and building and maintaining said quality of life within our communities. SENCo will foster a partnership of open communications between all groups, the City of Tacoma, and its neighborhoods.

Where are we?

The South End neighborhood is bounded to the north by I-5, to the east by Pacific Avenue and along East 72nd Street where it completes its eastern boundary, and uses Tacoma's city limits at South 96th Street as its southern boundary.

The council board meets once a month at 4911 S. Alaska St, Fire Station #8, Suite B, Tacoma, WA 98408. (See our Meeting Info on the right.)

What does a neighborhood council do?

  • Maintain itself as an independent, nonprofit organization
  • Recruit a diverse membership
  • Meet at least four times a year
  • Review and make recommendations on the City's buget
  • Develop an annual plan and supporting budget and provide them to the City Council
  • Provide annual report to City Council
  • Adopt By-Laws, Rules, and Procedures
  • Mobilize existing resources to respond to neighborhoods needs
  • Undertake improvement projects
  • Identify and develop solutions to mutual problems

Last updated: Tue 27 March 2018

Meeting Info
Jan-Feb: 4th Monday
Mar-Nov: 3rd Monday
December: Recess

Join us at 7:00 PM at

4911 S. Alaska St.
Fire Station #8, Suite B
Tacoma, WA 98408

Senco Boundaries
Senco Map

The South End is bounded to the north and west by I-5, to the east by Pacific Avenue and along East 72nd Street where it completes its eastern boundary, and uses Tacoma's city limits at South 96th Street as its southern boundary.

How to Become a Board Member
Download an Application!

The SENCo Board holds elections each year in November for a portion of the board (it rotates due to the 2yr term) and occasionally in the middle of the year if a seat becomes vacant.
What do you need to do to get on the board?

  • Be a South End resident
  • Be 18+ years old
  • Submit an application
  • Be voted on and approved by the council
  • You may request and submit an application at any time.
Note: if you are a resident or your workplace is in the South End, you are part of the South End Neighborhood Council and are welcome to attend meetings and voice community concerns, as well as vote on board positions during election time at the November meeting.
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